If your window is not well insulated, it will cost your more money every month on your energy bills. Installing energy efficient windows is a way to reduce this expense. Energy efficient windows have the following features that make them great insulators.


It is a reflective coating that is on the glass inside the window. It reflects the sun on the outside, so keeps heat out of the home during summer months. It reflects the interior heat back to the house so that you will feel warmer during winter months. Low-E also keeps UV rays away. These rays can damage your furniture, carpet, and walls.

Argon Gas

If the area between the glasses of the window is filled with argon gas, it increases the insulation. For each window, you need $10 worth of Argon gas.

Intercept spacers

These hold together the double or triple pane insulated glass. It helps to reduce condensation problems of insulated glass. It increases the energy efficiency of windows by 5%.

Weather stripping

It blocks air and water infiltration. When buying energy efficient window, you must check whether there is stripping around the edges of the sashes.

These are the four ways you can improve the energy efficiency of replacement windows. If you add these features to your existing windows, then you won’t need to buy a new window which is much more expensive. Window is something that keeps you safe and protects you from heat or cold. Addition of these features may cost you a little more, but these are good investments.

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